Autumn’s Awesome

Coat on, scarf on, hat on too.

Billy’s ready, aren’t you?

Out we go, the air is crisp,

We see our breath, a smoky wisp.

To the park, where trees grow tall,

A leafy playground fit for all.

Vibrant colours, swirl around,

Softly blanket chilly ground.

Red and yellow, orange, brown,

Brilliant beauty, falling down.

Rustle, bustle, wind whips leaves,

Run and catch them, on the breeze,

Heap them up, ‘til cheeks glow red,

Fall back safely, leafy bed.

Watch the birds fly on their way,

To warmer countries far away.

Chase the squirrels, up the trees,

Watch them leap with grace and ease.

Stomping, stamping on the ground,

Kick up leaves and spread them round.

Crinkle, crackle, crunch and scrunch,

Then back home in time for lunch.

Autumn’s awesome, autumn’s fun,

Autumn’s great, for everyone!