My name is Carol Jones and I enjoy writing stories for young children. I’m currently working on a project called The Alphabetties. The Alphabetties are a family of alphabet characters who live deep in the woods where they can’t be found. Each character is a letter of the Alphabet and has their own story. Here you can find a rhyme about the Alphabetties.

I live in Scotland with my husband and son and our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Isaac, and fat cat – Eva. Here they are (Eva and Isaac that is, not my husband and son 🙂 ):

As you can see, Eva is a bit plump. It took us quite a while to get that jumper back off of her! Here you can find a story I wrote about her. It’s almost true except that she is still fat 🙂 I still haven’t written a story about Isaac. He is always wagging his tail, so much so that my husband calls him Waggy 🙂

Some of my favourite things

The things I love the most are from nature. Below are some of them. Select the titles and you will see a few pictures I have taken on my walks with Isaac.


What would we do without trees? There’s nothing nicer than a walk in the woods especially in Autumn when the leaves have turned shades of red, gold and orange and make a wonderful crunchy carpet beneath your feet!


Robins have the most beautiful song. When I hear it, then catch a glimpse of their bright red breast it always makes me smile:-)


To stand at the edge of a loch and see the reflection of the mountains and trees surrounding it is just bliss!


Flowers brighten the world with their colour and beauty – what’s not to love? 🙂

My fear as a child

When I was young I was absolutely terrified by the silhouette of a witch I was convinced visited me on stormy nights. You can read a poem I wrote about that fear here.

I decided to change the poem into a picture book story by removing some of the thoughts and replacing them with imagery an illustrator could work with. The resulting picture book is called The Witch at The Window. In this picture book version Tom begins to realise he might be wrong about the witch and feels brave enough to face her. He learns that when you face a fear it is never as bad as you think it is going to be.