Welcome to my website!

Here you can find some stories I have written; a blog on walking The Fife Coastal Path; and a wee bit about me. Below are some of my story ideas. If you’d like to read the whole manuscripts please get in touch via my contact page 🙂

Tadpole, Tadpole What Do You See?

As Tadpole grows, he discovers, to his delight, that his world grows with him. And what a beautiful world it is!

The Witch at The Window

Tom’s greatest fear is of a witch that visits him on stormy nights. And then, Tom’s lost belongings begin to reappear as if by magic! Could his witch actually be kind? Tom must face his fear to find out.

Harry’s Birthday Hiccup

Harry’s Birthday Party is going to be the best party ever. Then the hiccup arrives. Harry must get rid of it before the party begins or his party will be ruined. Harry and Joe get rid of the hiccup only for it to return with reinforcements right at the end of the party at the worst possible time!

How Do You Get 50 Old Cows Into the Barn

Farmer Joe couldn’t get his old cows into the barn but little Jimmy knew exactly what to do.

Honeybear The Forever Bear

All Honeybear wants is a child to love forever. As his child Sophie grows so does the time they spend apart until one day, Sophie moves out leaving him behind. Honeybears heart breaks in two only to be mended again when Sophie returns for him to be a teddy for her new baby Emily.

Sheona The Shy Scottish Sun

Sheona is very shy and spends her days hiding behind the many clouds in the Scottish sky. Until one day she faced the scariest, angriest clouds she’d ever met. With the support from the Scottish people below Sheona finds that maybe she is not so shy after all.

Wee Mary and the Braemar Highland Games

Every year Wee Mary is left behind when the bigger girls go to The Braemar Highland Games. This year Mary is determined she will go. She needs to grow, and fast! But Granny says growing takes time. Follow Wee Mary as she endeavours to grow as fast as she can.

First Halloween

It’s Toms first Halloween. Follow him as he experiences everything there is to love and fear about Halloween 🙂

Billy’s Seasons

Join Billy on his favourite days out in each of the seasons. This could be one book or four 🙂

Spring’s Surprising!

Summer’s sizzling!

Autumn’s Awesome!

Winter’s Wonderful!