Eva the 'Not So' Fat Cat

Eva the cat was so lazy and fat, she did nothing but sleep night and day,

Except when she ate, mounds of meat off her plate, and then went for a wee in her tray.

Her owners would say, “You must go and play,” as they coaxed her towards the back door,

But Eva meowed, and insisted out loud, that she’d rather sleep there on the floor.

Taking no heed, straight after each feed, they’d push Eva out for a run.

Now this made her mad, and a little bit sad. They really were spoiling her fun!

So she started to think (as she stopped for a drink; after eating her dinner one day).

If I go and hide in a place here inside, in the warmth I’ll be able to stay.

In a jiffy she sped, underneath the spare bed, where she lay in the dark peering out.

Then she saw from afar, the door was ajar and still there was no-one about.

[Illustration note: You can just see her eyes glowing out from under the bed and one the doors of the fitted wardrobes along the opposite wall is ajar.]

Ah! The wardrobe she thought…Yes, I like it a lot. It is cosy and dark and just right, for curling up small, in a warm fluffy ball and then sleeping all day and all night.

So, without thinking more, she slipped through the door and circled around and around.

As she made her nice bed, happy thoughts…

….turned to dread when she heard the most horrible sound!

What did she hear, as the monster came near? – A whirring, a sucking, a roar.

[Illustration note: Mum is vacuuming the upstairs and making her way into the spare bedroom.]

As her thoughts of escape, soon began to take shape, she crouched right down low on the floor.

Preparing to fight …already in flight…

…but the door slammed shut fast in her face!

She lay there confused, her nose feeling bruised. Then the noise disappeared without trace!

[Illustration note: mum flings the wardrobe door shut as she comes past with the hoover, not knowing that Eva is in there then finishes hovering, goes back out of the room and switches the hoover off.]

Slowly she rose, as she pawed her sore nose, then she listened; her ear at the door.

There were no sounds to hear and no monsters came near so she got herself comfy once more.

She woke with a grumble, a growl and a rumble. Her tummy was hungry for meat.

She scratched at the door, then she scratched it some more. She was stuck and she needed to eat!

But no-one came by, no-one heard her faint cry, as the hours and then days came around.

Home-made posters were tied on the lamp posts outside, but poor Eva was not to be found.

Until, one quiet day, when their mum was away, the two children sneaked in the spare room,

When they opened the door, they found there on the floor lay their cat peering out from the gloom.

[Illustration note: the children are so happy finding their pet, dancing her around the room. Eva is just thinking ‘get me food – now!’]

A drink and a feed were both greatly in need and our Eva was smiling once more.

She had freedom at last! She could run really fast! She was mewing to get out the back door!

So now Eva the cat is a not so fat cat, who does nothing but play out all day.

She naps in the sun and she has lots of fun, chasing the birdies away!