When A Hiccup Ran Amok


The hiccup exploded from Harry’s mouth splattering milky cereal all over the table! “Ugh!” groaned Harry scowling at the hiccup, “Go away!”

The hiccup grinned.

Harry was still scowling when he met his friend Joe.

“What’s up?” said Joe.

Hic! Hic! Boing!

Before Harry could answer the hiccup had somersaulted twice in the air and bounced on Joes’ nose!

 “Aarrgh!” exclaimed Joe batting it away.

Joe rummaged in his bag. “I’ve got just the thing you need,” he said, handing a flyer to Harry.

How To Get Rid Of A Hiccup

1. Run! As fast as you can.

2.Pull its tongue! As hard as you can.

3.Splat it with water! As much water as you can find.

If all else fails, you’ll have no choice:

4.Tickle it! Until it laughs so hard it bursts!

[1. Run! As fast as you can]

“This is great,” said Harry. “Let’s do it. Come on, run!”

They raced through the streets and tore into the school playground…

…but the hiccup was right behind them!

Hic! The hiccup taunted as it danced around and stuck out its tongue.

[2. Pull its tongue! As hard as you can]

“Grab it!” cried Harry.

Joe lunged at the hiccup, grabbed its tongue, and pulled as hard as he could. It stretched longer …

…and longer…

… and longer…


Hordes of children pushed past them into the school.


Joe lost his grip. The hiccups’ tongue snapped back into its head slapping Harry in the eye on its way!

“Owww!” moaned Harry. Joe couldn’t stop himself laughing.

Hic! Hic! Hic! Hic! And the hiccup laughed too.

In the classroom there was chaos!

 “Outside NOW!” Miss Leach screeched, pointing to the door. Harry’s cheeks burned as he left the classroom with the hiccup following close behind.

[3. Splat it with water! As much water as you can find]

At break time Harry meant business. He grabbed the school water hose.

 “Turn it on Joe. Full blast!”


And the hiccup was drenched!


The hiccup coughed and spluttered.


The hiccup gulped and gasped.


The Hiccup quivered and trembled.

 “It’s working!” shouted Joe.

The hiccup was getting bigger. It puffed up like a hot air balloon.

Just as they thought it would explode the hiccup jumped high in the air then launched itself into Harry’s face. Harry dropped the hose which squirmed like a snake on the ground.

“Aaaarrrggggg,” Harry and Joe screamed as the freezing water soaked their clothes.

”My office, at once!” shouted the headmaster turning off the water.

The hiccup winked wickedly.

[4. Tickle it! Until it laughs so hard it bursts!]

On the way to the headmasters’ office Harry spotted a feather duster in the cleaners’ cupboard. He stuffed it in his jacket and winked at Joe.

As soon as they were inside the office, Joe grabbed the hiccup and Harry tickled. They could hear the headmaster’s footsteps in the corridor.

Harry tickled its chin; the hiccup giggled and wiggled.

He tickled its tummy; the hiccup chuckled and chortled.

He tickled its feet, the hiccup snorted and sniggered.

Soon it was laughing out loud and quivering all over.

The more they tickled the louder it laughed.

The louder it laughed the bigger and rounder it became.

The handle to the office turned…

…and just as the door opened, POP! And the hiccup was gone.

“Yes!” high-fived the boys as the angry headmaster entered the room.

“You two have NOTHING to celebrate,” he bellowed.

Harry and Joe tried hard not to smile.

At lunchtime Harry and Joe recounted their victory to their friends as they gobbled their sandwiches and guzzled their orange juice.


The hiccup somersaulted triumphantly from Harry’s mouth.

And this time it had brought backup.

 [Illustration note: Chaos in the school dinner hall as everyone gets the hiccups]