Honeybear – The Very Patient Teddy

Honeybear has a heart shaped motif on his tummy which changes colour when he is happy, feeling loved/sad, feeling unloved etc. and shows a cracked line down the middle when he feels his ‘heart break in two

Honeybear sat patiently on the shelf in the Teddy department of a huge toy store. As each customer passed by, he sat up straight and smiled his best smile. Honeybear knew that children always grow up and leave their teddies behind but he still longed for a child of his own to love.

Every day he watched excited children choose the bigger teddies or the more colourful teddies, and even the teddies they had to make themselves!

And he waited…

Then one super Saturday morning he was hugged by a very lovely lady. Honeybear made sure he hugged her back.

At his new home, Honeybear settled down in his room. This is nice, thought Honeybear.

And he waited…

[Illustration note: He’s in a baby’s nursery in a cot]

Soon the waiting was over. The new baby arrived and Honeybear beamed with joy! Sophie was so beautiful, Honeybear couldn’t help but love her.

At first, she wasn’t much fun. She slept…she cried…she ate… But Honeybear kept close to her always, keeping her safe.

After a few months, Sophie became much more interesting. They could play with her toys together. She could smile and giggle making Honeybear laugh too. She could grab Honeybear’s nose and pull his ears (not quite so funny!).

Meal times were always full of surprises!

Sophie grew and grew. Honeybear held her hand tightly when she took her first wobbly steps. Honeybear held the basket tightly when she rode her first bike. Honeybear held his breath too when she took her first dive.

Then one morning Sophie leapt out of bed bursting with excitement. She proudly dressed herself in some very smart clothes.

“I’m a big school girl now,” she told Honeybear, strutting up and down in front of the mirror.

At breakfast, Honeybear’s mouth drooped and his tummy churned, but Sophie didn’t seem to notice.

Oh, oh, Sophie’s growing up, thought Honeybear as the front door slammed.

And he waited…

Years flew by and as Sophie grew bigger…

and bigger…

and bigger, Honeybear waited longer…

and longer…

and longer.

Until finally, the day came, that Honeybear had been dreading.

Sophie came home with two big cardboard boxes and began emptying her room!

Sophie, cried Honeybear, please take me with you Sophie.

But Sophie couldn’t hear him.

After a while, Sophie’s mum appeared jingling her car keys, “Ready?”

“Yeah, I think that’s everything.”

“What about Honeybear?”

Sophie picked up Honeybear and gave him a squeeze. Honeybears’ heart raced. But then she placed him gently on the windowsill.

“I think I’m a bit old for teddies now”, she laughed.

Honeybear felt his heart break in two as the front door slammed.

Honeybear watched the changing seasons through the window – misty, dew laden spring mornings; bright, sunny summer days; blustery, colourful autumn afternoons; and shimmery, snowy winter nights.

And he waited…

…until one wonderful day, he heard Sophie’s voice,

“I’m just going to look for something.”

Honeybears tummy flipped over inside him.

“Hi Honeybear,” said Sophie. “I’ve missed you! Sorry I left you behind.” Honeybear felt the warmth from her body melt his heart back together again as she hugged him in her arms.

In his new home, Honeybear settled down in his room. This is nice,thought Honeybear.

[Illustration note: he is in a baby’s nursery in Sophie’s cot]

And he waited…

…because Honeybear now realised, that all the waiting was worth it, because if a teddy bear waited long enough, sometimes the children came back.

Six months later…

Owww! Here we go again, thought Honeybear, as baby Emily grabbed his nose and pulled his ears.