Sheona The shy Scottish Sun

Sheona the Scottish sun was very shy. She did not like people looking at her – not one bit! Luckily for Sheona, there were lots of clouds drifting by in the sky to hide behind:

large white fluffy sheep; huge grey barnacled whales and (her least favourite) enormous black rumblings of battling warriors.

When Sheona dared to peep at the Scottish people below she saw that they were shy too. They hid in their houses and cars, or under heavy hooded coats and shiny umbrellas. Sheona loved seeing the glorious display of colours and patterns on umbrella days.

One Summer day, when Sheona was feeling particularly hot, a large fluffy sheep spoke to her!

“Oh!” it exclaimed. “What are you doing there behind me? You’re too hot! I feel faint.”

And with that it wafted away leaving Sheona in the open sky! The Scottish people glanced up hopefully.

Just as Sheona was starting to panic a huge whale rippled by. “Phew,” she sighed with relief.

“Oh no, oh no, too hot!” the whale exclaimed…

…then it blasted her with a fountain of water from its blowhole, and went on its way.

Sheona looked down, and the Scottish people peered up from behind their hoods. To her horror, they began staring and pointing up at the sky.

[Illustration note: It’s raining water from the whale cloud – a huge rainbow has appeared]

Sheona’s cheeks burned brightly. In desperation, she closed her eyes tight.

And then she heard the most terrible noise. The warriors were coming.

The sky turned black as the enormous warriors gathered in front of her, brandishing their swords, sending huge sparks of light into the darkness. Sheona stayed as quiet as a mouse as they fought furiously.

“Stop!” roared the biggest warrior. I can’t fight in this heat! Who dares to come near me with their shiny face and glowing body?”

 “Grrr,” groaned the middle-sized warrior. “It’s the sun, you numpty! The scalding, scorching, steaming, sweltering, sweaty sun! Ewww, she’s even smellier than you!”

“Owww, “cried the smallest warrior, “I’m burning!”

Sheona’s cheeks beamed hotter than ever.

“Let’s get rid of her!” shouted the biggest warrior and they marched towards her wielding their swords in front of them.

“Oh no, oh no,” whimpered Sheona, “what am I going to do?” And the more she panicked the hotter she became.The warriors came closer and closer. Sheona burned hotter and hotter.The warriors raised their swords ready to strike…

… “It’s too hot, I can’t go any further,” croaked the smallest warrior.

“I don’t feel too good,” moaned the middle-sized warrior.

“I can hardly hold on to my sword, what’s going on?” demanded the biggest warrior.

Sheona realised that as she grew hotter the warriors began to fade and the sky grew lighter.

Through the fading warriors Sheona could see the Scottish people looking up and smiling. Children began waving and laughing too. The warmth of their smiles filled Sheona’s heart with courage and she puffed out her cheeks and shone even brighter until finally…

the warriors disappeared altogether. Sheona radiated in the open sky swelling with pride at her own bravery.

The Scottish people poured out of their houses and left their cars at home. They took off their coats and jackets and folded their umbrellas. They wore the brightest clothes Sheona had ever seen – even better than umbrella days! And just then Sheona realised…

…the Scottish people were not shy at all! And neither was she!