Spring’s Surprising

Rain coat on and wellies too.

Billy’s ready, aren’t you?

Out we go, the air is sweet

Dancing snowdrops at our feet.

Daffodils, tulips, crocuses bloom,

Bursting out of Winter’s gloom.

Feel the raindrops cool our face,

Massive puddles, c’mon let’s race.

Jump and splash and dance around,

Splish, splash, splosh my favourite sound.

Skipping past pink blossom trees,

Butterflies and buzzing bees.

Hear the birds, chirp and cheep,

Building nests, warm and deep.

Pick some bluebells, climb the gate.

Granny’s farm! We cannot wait!

“Hello granny, flowers for you.

We’re here to help. What can we do?”

   Suckling lambs, one by one,

Slurping, guzzling, now it’s done!

Feed the cows with bales of hay.

Count the calves, one more today!

Check the eggs, in the shed,

No more eggs, but chicks instead!

In the pond, five ducklings quack,

Our work is done, time for our snack.

Spring’s surprising, spring is fun,

Spring is great, for everyone!