Summer’s Sizzling

Shorts on, hat on, sun cream too.

Billy’s ready, aren’t you?

All we need, packed in the car,

Off we go, it isn’t far.

At the beach, the perfect spot,

To have some fun, when it is hot.

Lay down towels, kick off shoes,

Race to the sea, no time to lose.

Whooshing waves, one by one,

Jumping, splashing, salty fun!

Pass the beachball, watch it fly,

Leap and reach into the sky.

Build a castle, dig a moat.

Add some shells and sail your boat.

Climb the rocks, slip and slide,

Explore the pools, but watch the tide!

Getting hungry, time for lunch.

Sandy sandwiches, extra crunch.

Jiggling, wriggling in the queue,

Chocolate sauce and sprinkles too!

Going home, sleepy head,

Just in time to go to bed!

Summer’s sizzling, summer’s fun,

Summer’s great, for everyone!