Winter’s Wonderful

Hat on, scarf on, gloves on too.

Billy’s ready, aren’t you?

Peep outside and gaze around,

Thick white blanket muffles sound.

Picture perfect, blinding bright,

Sparkling in the dazzling light.

Silence broken, out we go,

Wonder at this thing called snow!

Crunch and creak and write your name.

Blanket broken, what a shame!

Too late now, let’s have some fun

Lie back in the daytime sun.

Flap your limbs, quick, up and down,

An angel in a long white gown.

Grab your sledge, and off we go,

Tram lines in the shimmering snow.

Puff and pant, up the hill,

Slide down screaming, what a thrill!

Snowballs piled up one by one,

And fire! This battle must be won.

Roll his body, roll his head,

And now the time that we both dread.

Heave it up, phew, on it goes,

Stones for eyes and carrot nose.

No snowy day can go without,

A snowman standing tall and stout.

Frozen puddles, slip and slide,

Stomp and crack and see inside.

Icy fingers hang from trees,

Sparkling in the icy breeze.

Bump back home across the rocks,

Frozen fingers, soggy socks.

Cosy towels, wrapped around,

Cosy slippers, to be found.

Sip hot chocolate, getting drier,

Warm beside the roaring fire.

Winter’s wonderful, winter’s fun,

Winter’s great, for everyone!