Day 1 – Kincardine to Inverkeithing

Ok, so I got lost! For those of you who know me I’m sure this is no surprise:-)

It all started so well. It didn’t rain; I met a lovely wee dog called Alf who was really keen on getting his photo taken (couldn’t keep his tongue in his mouth though:-( ):


and some more friendly animals:

and even some friendly advice:


The problem came after I’d passed by Culross (definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been there – it’s lovely) and was trying too get to Low Valleyfield. There is a point when a bridge crosses the path above you – do not go under this bridge! That is where I went wrong.

Before the bridge is a sign. You must turn right at that sign, down a wee path and over the bridge into Low Valleyfield. I completely missed it and walked for ages until I came to a big locked metal gate and had to walk back again! I must admit there were some warnings:

After a bit of a panic and some directions from a kind couple walking their dogs all was well again, phew!


So, getting back to the walk (before the mishap) I would definitely stop in Culross:

There are nice places to eat and drink, for example, The Red Lion Inn and The Biscuit Café. And public toilets too. (Of course, I didn’t do this and had to ask to use the facilities of a pub in Newmills:


After Newmills there is Torryburn, Crombie and Charlestown. My family met me at The Elgin Hotel where we had a lovely lunch. Definitely recommend that too. The walk is quite straight forward with lots of pretty flowers, trees and cottages:

But be careful when you start going towards Rosyth. Don’t take this right turn:


Just after this a bit up the hill is this tiny wee sign and a tall sign opposite where you have to turn right:

This takes you up a path and through a kind of open grassy area where people walk their dogs. When I came out of the park there were no signs and I didn’t have a clue where to go but I turned right and walked down to the bottom of the hill ( the street is Wilson Way) where luckily I found another sign letting me know I was in the right place.

On the path from Rosyth there is an ancient hidden Doocot ( a house for pigeons apparently):


And then on to North Queensferry ( I stopped in The Queensferry Lodge Hotel for the toilet) there was a great view of the new bridge:


And the old bridge:


In north Queensferry the signs for the path point left but are a bit squint! Make sure you go tight left and up the wee hill then a quick right into a lane. Its easy to miss!

It’s a lovely walk along the coast from North Queensferry to Inverkeithing with views over to Dalgety Bay:


When you get to Inverkeithing you have to walk up the high street. There are lots of places to eat and drink here and don’t forget to look out for the ancient Mercat Cross!:

And that’s it for today. 19 miles in all. It should make an easy day for tomorrow since I’m ahead of schedule. I’ve been so lucky with the weather and seen lots of lovely things. I hope this will help you not to get lost like I did today if you ever decide to do the walk yourself. Any questions, just ask, using the comment box below. Thanks for reading!

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