Day 2 – Inverkeithing to Dysart

I must admit I was a bit confused this morning when I was eating my porridge but that’s probably not unusual:-)

You see, when I decided to do this walk, I planned each day so that they would be around 16 miles each to split the whole walk over 6/7 days. I used the Official Guide you can see in the picture above which has around 24 sections but I put a few together and worked it all out perfectly – or so I thought.:-)

My friend Mary recently told me about the detailed mile by mile map (also seen above) so I bought one of those a couple of weeks ago (I bought both from The Harbourmaster’s House, Dysart). So I have been using the detailed map when doing the walk.

I was so chuffed with myself walking extra miles the first day (19 instead of 16) because I knew I would have a heavier bag today to carry since I wasn’t going home. And then, when I looked at the detailed map this morning it indicated that I would start today at Inverkeithing (which is mile 19) and Dysart was mile 37!! That meant today was another 18 miles! How did that happen?! So it’s fair to say I’m a bit knackered tonight and my toes feel a bit battered but I got here  in time to see the end of the Andy Murray match so what more could I want:-)

To add insult to injury my 16 mile walk set for tomorrow has now turned out to be 21 miles! On the detailed map Dysart is at mile 37 and St. Monans 58! I better get up early:-)

Anyway, moan over. It’s been a lovely day today and I didn’t even get very lost, hurray!

I started at the Mercat Cross in Inverkeithing where I finished yesterday. Just after the cross you turn down to the right (Bank Street) and then right again at the bottom of the hill. The signs are a bit confusing but I’d been here before:-)

It’s interesting to note how different the sounds are around you when you’re walking the Fife Coastal Path. Through the towns there’s the normal traffic noise, and since most of the path is through woody areas, the most usual sound is the constant chit chat of all the different birds but yesterday I noticed how different it was going past Rosyth dockyard and today in Inverkeithing with their industrial noise – hammering, drilling and other machinery. In contrast Dalgety Bay is very quiet – the birds even seem to be very subdued.

So what did I see today? Well, after passing through Inverkeithing I quickly recognised Dalgety Bay in the distance and came across this big stone by the shore:


Strange isn’t it? What possible use could that have? Any ideas anyone? I tried googling it but didn’t find anything.

Last year my sister and I were walking in Dalgety Bay and met a man who was getting his house built on the sea front overlooking the bridges. He was so excited about it and showed us all the design plans etc. Every time I go to Dalgety Bay I’m excited to see how far they’ve got with the build and today was no exception. Here’s the house now, they’re nearly there!


The Coastal Path goes past this house then in to the right into the wooded area around the coast. The ground is rougher here and more varied so it gets you warm:-)

Lovely though isn’t it?

There are lots of lovely houses on the front (I’m so jealous):


And this lovely building but I’m not sure what it is:


You’ll go past the sailing club and a radioactive beach – just don’t go fishing for your tea there!

And you’ll see the ruins of a very old church:

And as you walk round the coast taking in the spectacular views, just as you begin to  feel tired and in need of a rest, the first glimpses of a golf course let you know that Aberdour isn’t far away:

Today I stopped at The Woodside Hotel and had the best cup of coffee and homemade shortbread biscuits I think I’ve ever had!

From Aberdour high street you turn down right to the black sands. Oh how peaceful it is down there. One of my favourite places to sit with a book.

As you walk past the harbour and around the coast,

if you reach the sea food restaurant ‘A Room with a View’, you’ve gone too far. At the point where there is a sign pointing to the restaurant is where you have to turn up and climb the narrow stone steps onto the cliffs above to take you over to The Silver Sands:

At the Silver Sands there is also a nice Café and public toilets.

Carrying  on past the café you follow the path under the railway bridge (very muddy!):

past a waterfall:


and on to Burntisland (great poster!)

I would definitely recommend Potter About for lunch. Their food is amazing and you can have a go at painting some pottery if you like that sort of thing:-)

Today the tide was in after lunch so I had to carry on down the main road in Burntisland past Pettycur Bay caravan site (good for a cuppa or food and the loo) and on to Kinghorn. Watch out for the right turn down into Kinghorn bay. It’s just after this sign on the main road:


If you keep going on the main road you bypass Kinghorn altogether. So turn right, its so worth it!

Coming out of Kinghorn the path to Kirkcaldy is very rough and hilly over the top of the cliffs. You have to be careful not to look down sometimes. It’s really beautiful though with lots of flowers on one side and the sound of the gently lapping waves on the other.

When you get to the Seafield Tower you know you are nearly at Kirkcaldy and boy was I glad to see it today:-)


And even happier when I saw Kirkcaldy in the distance – didn’t think I’d ever be so happy to see Morrisons:-)


After a drink and a rest in Morrisons I knew it was only around three miles to Dysart, along the esplanade in Kirkcaldy, up the big hill and into Ravenscraig park and along the path to Dysart. I thought this plaque was funny at the end of the esplanade in Kirkcaldy:


It’s been a long but enjoyable day walking the Fife Coastal Path and I’m here now all cosy in my room in Merchant House B&B in Dysart. The rooms are big and clean and at only £38 pound a night including breakfast I think its a bargain.


Time for bed! Looking forward to tomorrow and the things I will see from here to St. Monans. Thanks for reading!

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